Дівчина пройшла конкурс на "найкращу" роботу

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Дівчина пройшла конкурс на  найкращу  роботу
Фото: Instagram/ sorelleamore
Австралійка отримала "найкращу у світі" роботу

У контракт входило відвідування люксових курортів у різних країнах.

Австралійка Сорель Амор у ході конкурсу отримала роботу в туристичній компанії, яка, як запевняє преса, є "найкращою у світі", передає Daily Mail. За це місце боролися 17 тисяч претендентів.
Видання повідомляє, що згідно з контрактом, дівчина повинна була протягом трьох місяців об'їхати дванадцять люксових курортів. При цьому на кишенькові витрати їй виділили 40 тисяч доларів і дозволили взяти з собою друга.
Австралійка зазначила, що найбільше враження на неї справили замок у Шотландії, курорти на Багамах, Балі і в Хорватії. А також у Марокко, на островах Фіджі, в Іспанії, Коста-Ріці і Китаї. При цьому дівчина зупинялася виключно в кращих місцевих готелях.
Відомо, що Сорель є не тільки досвідченим мандрівником, але також і фотографом. У ході своєї подорожі вона постійно фотографувала і публікувала знімки з екзотичних точок планети.






I've strongly noticed recently a habit of women shrinking and being very timid. Perhaps a learned behavior mimicking others or an expectation for women to be kind, gentle, caring and loving at all times. My bestie gifted me a jacket recently that reads on the back 'Queen Coming Through' which she custom made for me (Legend! @birdbirdbirdbirdisthe). So lately I've given myself permission to toy with the idea of being a Queen in my everyday existence, emphasis on the Ancient Egyptian Goddess' which I'm obsessed with. I've come to conclude that walking so tall, proud, unapologetic and certain does wonders for your life and the outcomes of all situations. Too many women forget that we're actually Queens and there is absolutely nooothing wrong with acting fabulous and important. Because we are.

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Am I lonely at all when traveling? How could I be lonely when I have WILSON! I just finished exploring the island in Fiji where they filmed Castaway with Tom Hanks. The captain told me that it's impossible to walk around the whilst finishing up my swim there, I spontaneously decided to check if he's correct and I ended up with battered feet, sunburn and dehydration, but it turns out the captain was wrong 😉 (I'm not so good at people telling me something is impossible) Half way around the island, I started feeling like I was part of the movie. Around every corner I thought it was the end of my exploration but it kept going and going. The island was much bigger than I thought. And so some desperation set in since I didn't tell one person where I was and it was pretty damn hot. But whatever, I was totally fine and the adventure just added to the awesomeness of the visit to this Fiji island. . . . I've had a really great week this week. Thanks @tradewindslife and @3rdhome for organizing this first of a kind getaway for me! #BestJobOnThePlanet #TravelMore #Fiji #Castaway #StayWorldly

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So many things about China surprised me. Me being an instant superstar was just one thing. I had numerous photo shoots with strangers that wanted a selfie with me and at one stage I had 4 large cameras on me for 10 minutes with very kind and excited locals posing next to me. Quite the mesmerizing experience. It also shocked me that with a population as big as China's, I never felt crowded, even in the most touristy spots. The perfectly designed city is extremely spacious. Genius work China. Well done. Interestingly also, there are very few non-Chinese tourists around. At the extremely popular Summer Palace there might have been 20 foreign tourists in total. I couldn't believe it! I just want to take a moment to thank Liz Bates from @3rdhome who organized every detail of my trip. Her role is to serve the club members and organize their itineraries, drivers, make suggestions and everything else to make the visit as best as it can be. I can guarantee that without your help Liz, lots of my precious and limited time in China would have been wasted so THANK YOU! . . . #BestJobOnThePlanet #LuxuryTravel #StayWorldly #China #Beijing

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I realize there's a lot of new people following here that don't know what wild adventure I'm on currently. So...sit back, relax and enjoy this crazy story. In May, @3rdhome who is a luxury travel and home exchange club, ran a competition called the 'Best Job On The Planet'. It was for one person to win the dream job of traveling to 12 luxurious homes valued at $2.5m on average all over the world, documenting the experience through videos, photos and articles. And so little Sorellie submitted her 1 minute application video along with 17,000 others. There were three rounds with different criteria, narrowing down to just 14 worthy finalists. It was a very, very tough, stressful and intense competition, specifically because my life at the time was not exactly flash hot awesome and I knew this was exactly what I needed to turn my life into the awesome adventure I wanted. But nevertheless, the heavens shone upon me and...this chickie came out victorious! Woo! Fast forward just a couple of months later to August 1 and it was just me, a suitcase and my fast racing, excited heart about to embark on a whirlwind experience. Dreams do come true kids. They really do. What's a dream you so desperately want for yourself to come true? . . . #BestJobOnThePlanet #LuxuryTravel #StayWorldly

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